Research best results of your analysis outputs


This service allows you to receive on an Excel file only the results which for example:

  • Exceed a success level you have chosen
  • The formulas occurred a certain times number


The two points above are maybe the most common reasons in order to use this service, though you can have different research needs from these ones and this service is likely to be able to fulfil your personal research needs. Therefore, we can agree together the research to do which fits better to your needs. Before subscribing this service, please contact us to know if can fulfil your research needs.

The analysis data you ask are on Excel file, so you cannot need of this service if the research you want is based on few formulas applied to few financial instruments.

This service is very useful when you want to analyze a lot of formulas working on many historical series for a lot of financial instruments and you would like to know for example which formulas worked well on which financial instruments and on which time frames.