Customization of the historical series to analyze


You can customize the historical series time frame where making analysis or receiving the signals.

This service is free. It is an option you can ask for two main services:

  • Formulas analysis to customize
  • Signals based on historical series customized


Formulas analysis to customize

Hence you can choose for example to test the formula validity on historical series with peculiar time frames: e.g.: each period could be composed by 7 minutes, 3 hours, 2 days, 3 weeks, 2 months and so on.

It is not possible to have infra-minute historical series.


Signals on customized historical series

You can choose receiving signals based on historical series with atypical time frames. You can choose for example to be informed on possible signals occurring on historical series where each period is formed for example by 2 days or 5 hours or any time period as long as not infra-minute.